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Due to Covid-19, many of the events planned have been cancelled. Only those below are confirmed as going ahead with all safety measures in place.

Join me this Thursday 29th October as I present my first ever LIVE launch on Facebook!

There will be a limited number of festive decorations and gifts for all this Christmas.

Copy & paste the link into your facebook or go to Gorgeous Gourds UK events to get a reminder.

Look forward to seeing you then[0]=AZV_1BQvL-bBshqUO_FshTFI-Cf9aHlBk_KOBw9Mxhc9hb6hjiyRif4uJocRr62KVplUND_-PE14FuWs_LbrWIdD6BlIddgtln9jd2SzseZLIO_vswr29SEDhaPIKzP65DY&__tn__=H-R

Marks Hall Christmas Shopping Weekend

Marks Hall Estate





Fri/Sat/Sun 4th -6th December  10am - 5pm)

Held in an open marquee with covid safety precautions taken

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