Inspired by nature and using natural resources to bring joy and beauty, as well as functionality to the home.

Award winning artist Amanda grows hard shell gourds and creates stunning mood lighting and funky egg holders.

Learn more about this wonderfully versatile vegetable and what she does with it!

Gourds supplied to the TV & Film Industry, Celebrities & Professionals. 

Gourd: Wikipedia,

Gourds belong to the family Cucurbitace, particularly Cucurbita and Lagenaria. One of the earliest domesticated types of plants, subspecies of the bottle gourd, Lagenaria siceraria, have been discovered in archaeological sites dating from as early as 13,000 BC. Gourds have had numerous uses throughout history, including as tools, musical instruments, objects of art, film, and food.


  • Grown from seed through to maturity, approximately 8 months.

  • Then left to dry, which takes 6 months to a year.

  • Each gourd is cleaned - inside and out 

  • The design is drawn. 

  • The gourd is then drilled and sanded.

  • Colours are applied using alcohol inks or acrylics.

  • Lamp bases are hand turned from local wood.

  • Gourds are fitted to lamp bases.

  • All gourds are varnished.

  • Electrics are installed for lamp bases & PAT tested.

As seen on TV!

Funky egg holders

A kitchen is not complete without a funky egg holder!

Whether you prefer a chicken, duck or even a penguin, each one has its own unique personality. She also comes with care instructions & her name.

Gourd Lamps

Individually crafted from a home grown gourd. Nestled on a hand turned solid wood base.

Stunning mood lighting that makes a dark corner dazzle.

An unusual gift for a special someone perhaps? 

Amazing statement & talking pieces.

And there's more!

As well as lamps and egg holders, there are birdhouses and the smaller gourds make cute tea lights, single flower vases and festive gourdbles. Only found here!

Neil, our expert woodsman turns stunning bowls from local wood, as well as super funky wood & resin rings!